Top 20 Films

My Top 20 Favorite Films

Every cinephile and movie buff has a list of their favorite films, whether it’s in your head, on a piece of paper or on IMDb or Letterboxd. You wouldn’t be a movie buff if you didn’t, and though I’ve had one in my mind and one here on this site, it’s not one I put a lot of thought into. So I finally sat down and compiled a list of my 20 favorite films. The list is ofcourse, subject to change.

1. Apocalypse Now (1979) dir. by: Francis Ford Coppolaapocalypse now-Top 25 Movies of All Time The Blazing Reel

2. Birdman (2014) dir. by: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritubirdman-Top 25 Movies of All Time The Blazing Reel3. Goodfellas (1990) dir. by: Martin Scorsesegoodfellas-Top 25 Movies of All Time The Blazing Reel

4. Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters (1985) dir. by Paul Schradermishima-a-life-in-four-chapters.jpg 5. Pulp Fiction (1994) dir. by: Quentin TarantinoPulp-Fiction-1994 Top 25 Movies of All Time The Blazing Reel

6. Inglourious Basterds (2009) dir. by: Quentin Tarantinoinglorious basterds Top 25 Movies of All Time The Blazing Reel

7. Close-Up (1990) dir. by: Abbas Kiarostamikiarostami close-up review 1990

8. Drive (2011) dir. by: Nicolas Winding Refndrive.jpg

9. American Beauty (1999) dir by: Sam Mendesamerican beauty.jpg

10.  The Social Network (2010) dir. by: David Fincherthe social network.jpg

11. Se7en (1995) dir. by: David Fincherse7en.jpg

12. Throne of Blood (1957) dir. by: Akira KurosawaThrone of Blood.jpg

13. The Player (1992) dir. by: Robert AltmanThe Player

14. Scream (1996) dir. by: Wes CravenDrew Barrymore in Wes Craven's "Scream"

15. Reservoir Dogs (1992) dir. by: Quentin TarantinoReservoir Dogs Top 25 Movies of All Time The Blazing Reel-tarantino trunk shot

16. Do the Right Thing (1989) dir. by: Spike Leedo the right thing.jpg

17. Fargo (1996) dir. by: Joel Coenfargo

18. Badlands (1973) dir. by: Terrence Malickbadlands review martin sheen  the blazing reel

19. Taxi Driver (1976) dir. by Martin ScorseseTaxi Driver

20. Yojimbo (1960) dir. by: Akira Kurosawayojimbo


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