The 2016 Blazing Reel Film Awards


One of my favorite things about blogging on this site is getting the chance to do my own awards which always helps me resolve my (many) frustrations with the yearly Oscar nominations and also gives me the opportunity to honor some of the smaller, more underseen gems that really stood out for me but would never get their due at the Oscars. So without further ado, I present: The 2016 Blazing Reel Film Awards!














12 responses to “The 2016 Blazing Reel Film Awards

  1. “What don’cha want?” 😉 Love seeing some different nominees on your awards, Khalid (like Hell or High Water’s waitress… where’s the love for its screenplay). Respect for shining the spotlight on some indie films versus the Oscar favourites. DePalma was a great doc too. While our picks for best of the year may be different (check ’em out: ), I really enjoyed seeing what you thought of 2016 in film. Thanks for this edition of the the Blazing Reels.


    • Dan my man where have you been? long time, no see. Always appreciate your feedback, especially on these awards. Thanks a bunch for the kind words. Looking forward to reading your breakdown and unfortunately no room for HOHW in the original screenplay category. It was just too packed this year.

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  2. De Palma over 13th AND O.J.. Wow! I definitely need to see it, now. Really glad to see John Goodman and Patrick Stewart get noms, here. Both were amazing. I only hope the lack of Denzel Washington and Viola Davis means you haven’t seen Fences, yet, lol. Great job with these.


    • Haha yeap. Not to take anything away from 13th and O.J, they’re both wonderful, I just LOVED De Palma, eventhough I’ve never considered myself a fan of his films.
      Unfortunately I’m lukewarm on Fences. I thought it was okay. Felt a little stilted because of the source material and I thought Denzel was just baiting for an Oscar nomination. I dunno, I wasn’t a fan. Viola on the other hand, narrowly missed out.


  3. Moonlight deserves all the wins, in my opinion! I liked your assessment…it looks very parallel to what my votes would be. Except best actress. I’d give that to Natalie Portman for Jackie yesterday, today and tomorrow.


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