The 2003 Blazing Reel Film Awards


When I look at 2003, one thing that clearly stands out is the fact that this really was a banner year for foreign language films. The Barbarian Invasions, The Son, Goodbye Lenin! and two South Korean masterpieces, Oldboy and Memories of Murder really stood out. And no, I did not think The Return of the King was as good as people called it to be, though I did like it, and while some fantastic films came out this year, in the end it went down to which filmĀ moved me the most, emotionally, because ultimately that is what demonstrates the true power of cinema.

Best Music 2003Best cinematography 2003

Best Adapted Screenplay 2003

Best Original Screenplay 2003

Supp. Actress 2003

Supp. Actor 2003

Best Actress 2003

Best Actor 2003

Best Director 2003

Best FILM 2003



8 responses to “The 2003 Blazing Reel Film Awards

  1. A lot of great stuff here, buddy!

    We differ quite a bit, though. For me, Lost in Translation kind of slays, and I HATE Mystic River with a passion, but I love some of your inspired noms, like Matchstick Men attention and Billy Bob Thornton showing up for his hilarious performance. 2003 was a really good year.

    And I’m totally with you on Return of the King.


    • Thanks man! Your input means alot.
      I love Lost in Translation but Mystic River, I just find better. I think, it’s really, really powerful and emotionally moving which is why it has stayed with me so much.


  2. I love seeing Evan Rachel Wood in there for Thirteen. She should’ve gotten an Oscar nom for it. Alison Lohman was too distracting in Matchstick Men for me. It was so obvious she wasn’t a 14 year old, or even a teenager at all.

    And yessss for Kill Bill in cinematography! Great picks.


    • Thanks.
      Evan Rachel Wood was fantastic in Thirteen and its a shame she got snubbed at every major award.
      I really liked Alison Lohman’s performance. Wasnt too bothered by that. I thought she did a really superb job of playing that character.


  3. I like Mystic River well enough, Oldboy is hands down the Best Pic of ’03, for me. That said, I’ve never even heard of Memories of Murder, but I’m intrigued. Love the nom for Billy Bob, too. Great post.


    • Thanks Dell.
      You MUST check out Memories of Murder, it’s incredible..and then see Snowpiercer, if you haven’t already.
      BBT was HILARIOUS IN Bad Santa. Deserved the nom.


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