Frames & Images – The Assassination of Jesse James (2007)

Frames & Images - assasination of jesse james

As someone who has always been a great admirer of cinematography, I’ve been looking for some time now, to start a feature on my blog dedicated solely to appreciating the art of making a movie and with Frames & Images I aim to do just that, and really what better film to talk about in my first post of this feature than Andrew Dominick’s immaculately shot and highly underrated 2007 masterpiece, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

I think it’s fair to say that Jesse James was largely misunderstood when in came out back in 2007 and I think many people failed to grasp it’s brilliance, much like Dominik’s 2012 follow-up Killing Them Softly, but nobody dared to question it’s visual magnificence even back then (how Roger Deakins didn’t win the Oscar is mindboggling though). And by largely employing a swing and tilt lens, Deakins was able to create this dreamy sense of memory that mixed really organically with the narrative to create a film that felt hallucinatory yet also grounded in reality. I still think it is without doubt, the crowning achievement of Deakins’s storied career and a really incredible film in general, whose imagery really deserves to be appreciated.















18 responses to “Frames & Images – The Assassination of Jesse James (2007)

  1. What a haunting movie this was, even I think for people like me who didn’t quite “get” it the first time we saw it. I’ve since seen it several times and it still has not lost any of its impact.


  2. I really have been meaning to see this for ages. I’ve had it for ages cos Nick Cave did the soundtrack. I’ll have to dust it off for a watch, some of these images are incredible.

    Heh you did this just before I was going to, I was gonna make a post about 12 Monkeys and how much I love the cinematography in that


  3. I dig the new feature dude! What magnificent shots. I must see this; I quite enjoyed Killing Them Softly and it is a shame how quickly that dropped off the map. . .


    • Thanks man!
      I loved Killing Them Softly. And yeah, its an absolute shame how underseen all three of Andrew Dominick’s films are because he’s probably one of the most talented filmmakers working today.
      This, Killing Them Softly and Chopper are all fantastic, near perfect films.

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