Deadpool (2016)


Back in 2012, Ryan Reynolds and visual effects wizard Tim Miller produced a three-minute computer generated test reel in an attempt to convince the heads over at Fox to move forward with the seemingly dead in the water Deadpool movie, the footage staying true to comic book creator Rob Liefeld’s vision, pitched Deadpool as the profane, self-referential and comically violent superhero movie it was supposed to be, but not much happened. However, when the test footage leaked online in 2014 and fans showed their enthusiasm for the film, Fox had no choice but to move forward with it. Two years on and Deadpool has finally made it to the big screen.


Starring Ryan Reynolds as the merc with a mouth, Deadpool follows the story of Wade Wilson, a Special Forces operative turned mercenary, who, to cure his terminal cancer, volunteers to be subjected to a rouge experiment which eventually leaves him horribly disfigured and with accelerated healing abilities.  Adopting the alter ego Deadpool, he embarks on a vengeance campaign, determine to hunt down Ajax (Ed Skrien), the man responsible for both his transformation and destroying his life.

Deadpool is great. It’s every bit as funny and entertaining as I expected it to be, and boy does it embrace its R Rating. From the opening titles, the film had me laughing and the laughs remained consistent throughout. This is one of the funniest films I’ve seen in a long time. Now as I mentioned, it really embraces its R Rating and throughout the film, the language remains gleefully profane while, the action, exceedingly violent.

Deadpool-ryan reynolds morena baccarin

The story is actually pretty generic, but thanks to a fractured narrative that seesaws back-and-forth through time, and some deft pacing, the film stays more unpredictable than it has any right to.

Ryan Reynolds nails it. His performance is easily one of the best things about the movie and the charm, charisma and naturalism he brings to the role is essentially what makes the performance so great. Morena Baccarin and T.J Miller do really well with their supporting performances too. T.J Miller plays really well off Reynolds and does a good job of providing comic relief, while Baccarin, who plays Reynolds’s love interest has really great chemistry with him and their love story brings a lot of gravity to the story. The villains are clichéd, but work because Ed Skrien and Gina Carcano’s performances are effective.


However, the best thing about Deadpool has got to be how clever and smart the film is. It constantly pokes fun at the superhero genre, makes snarky remarks about Ryan Reynolds’s previous failings, and constantly breaks the fourth wall. It even makes fun of the fact that the studio could only afford two X-Men for the movie.

Deadpool is a comedy, a love story and a superhero movie, and it works as all three. Director Tim Miller, star Ryan Reynolds and screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick really elevate the film from a normal superhero movie and make it entertaining, hilarious and absorbing to watch throughout. The R Rating really goes a long way in making this movie what it is and is bound to open doors for even more R Rated superhero movies in the future, but for now, this will do just fine.






10 responses to “Deadpool (2016)

  1. Great writing Khalid. I wish I could agree with your sentiments but oh well, that’s the movies for ya! Plus I’m a picky bastard. 😛

    It is good to see so many people liking it.


    • Thank you Jordan. I’m really sorry for the late response. Unfortunately my busy life rarely allows me to write anything these days. Really appreciate your feedback.

      And yeah, I get that its not for everyone but I guess I just had a really great time at the movies with this one. Cant say I’ve laughed this hard in a very long time, but perfectly respect your opinion aswell.


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