The 2006 Blazing Reel Film Awards

the 2006 blazing reel film awards

What can I say? I really like doing these things and since it’s likely that I won’t be having much time on my hands in the coming weeks, I decided, what the hell? let’s do another awards show.

Continuing my ascent from 2014, I’ve managed to get to 2006, a year that had some great films but for the most part, I was left disappointed by the pool of talent. Let’s not forget this is the year, the Academy finally awarded Scorsese with Best Picture and Best Director after nearly three decades of snubbing him, and at the same time, mostly snubbed one of the most groundbreaking films of the year, Children of Men. So yet again, it’s up to me to right the wrongs of the Academy, while at the same time come up with my own controversial picks.

best music

best cinematography 2006

best adapted screenplay

best original screenplay 2006

best supporting actress 2006

best supporting actor 2006

best actress 2006

best actor 2006

best director 2006

best film 2006



18 responses to “The 2006 Blazing Reel Film Awards

  1. Nice list. Looking back, I thought 2006 was a mediocre year for film. While I’m a fan of The Departed, I think it isn’t up there with Scorsese’s best like Taxi Driver or GoodFellas. My favorite movie from that year though is Inland Empire; it’s a difficult picture to get into but a really thought provoking piece.

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  2. Great list! Nice to see Superman Returns for Best Music, I thought John Ottman did a great job adapting what John Williams did whilst adding a bit of twist that work well for the movie. I LOVE Clive Owen in Children of Men!!


  3. So conventional after The Simpsons win, lol. Cruz was wonderful in Volver. Great to see her get some love. Same for Rinko Kikuchi in Babel. Great noms for The Lives of Others and Clint Eastwood. I love The Departed, but Children of Men is my #1. Looking forward to the next one of these.


  4. No surprise picks this time eh? Nice list, I didn’t know shit about film in 2006 so I could never do lists like this, I envy you damnit! 😛

    The Departed was great but it was a little over-cooked. The original was better.


  5. Yas! More Blazing Reels. This year had a few great releases. I love that you spotlight Lives of Others. What a great year for foreign directors… Children of Men, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Babel included. This was the year of 3 Amigos, as the Mexican directors called themselves… man, Innaritu, Cuaron, and Del Toro are still going strong!

    I love the indie noms of Half Nelson and Volver (from Almodovar) too. Then there’s Departed! 2006 was such an impressive year. Thanks for reminding me, Khalid. Great nerdy stuff, brother.


  6. Love these posts man, and I love how you jump around in the years. So unpredictable! Nice choice with The Depaaaaated for Best Pic, too. Such a great one.


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