The 2007 Blazing Reel Film Awards


Because of my very busy schedule these days I haven’t been able to find a lot of time for blogging, but since it has been way too long since I did one of my favorite features on this site, The Blazing Reel Film Awards, I decided to make time and voila, The 2007 Blazing Reel Film Awards are here.

Now there’s no doubting 2007 was a really, really great year for movies, I know, I know, I say that almost every time but in 2007’s case I’m sure there are a ton of people who will agree with me and that’s why it was really hard for me to come up with just five nominees in every category. It’s also a year that brought one of the most competitive Best Picture battles in recent times with Paul Thomas Anderson’s masterful There Will Be Blood going up against The Coen Brothers’s magnificent No Country For Old Men. Now while I share great love for both films, as shown by these awards, there is one film that I thought was better than both. My pick for Best Film may surprise many.

best music 2007



best original screenplay 2007

best supporting actress 2007

best supporting actor 2007




best film 2007



29 responses to “The 2007 Blazing Reel Film Awards

  1. Yes, you are certainly right in saying the Best Film selection would be surprising. 😉 I forgot about The Simpsons movie completely, but not suggesting that it was bad i just straight-up forgot I even went to see it. Nice to be reminded. And it is good to see something other than the hugely popular opinion being chosen. At first glance I didn’t like There Will Be Blood. I gave it a 50% actually, which now, looking back, doesn’t do its masterful take on capitalism justice but I still don’t think it’s the year’s best. I think that honor goes to the Coen’s pic. Can’t get enough of Old Country


    • Haha, a lot of people seem surprised, and with good reason too.
      I love There Will Be Blood and Daniel Day Lewis’s performance is probably one of the best ones ever put on-screen but I also think No Country For Old Men is far better.
      It was very close but The Simpsons Movie stole it at the very end 😀

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  2. Nice rankings man. 2007 was a great year for film; both NCFOM and TWBB are among my favorite movies. While I enjoyed The Simpsons Movie and it’s easily the best thing the show has produced since the late 90s, I don’t think it matched the quality the series achieved in its prime, though that is a very high bar. South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut is a better adaptation in my view.


  3. WOW at that BP winner!

    Love a lot of these choices, buddy…but I’m so sad for the lack of Atonement love…which is my favorite movie of this year!


  4. Truly the ballsiest Best Pic winner I’ve seen. Not my #1 that year, though I do think it’s a great film, but I love that you had the guts to go with it. I’m also very happy to see Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead getting a lot of love here. Great post!


    • Thanks Dell! I see that a lot of people are surprised because most thought it would be either NCFOM or There Will Be Blood but Simpsons Movie was my favorite from that year so it had to win


  5. I haven’t watched a lot of these movies so don’t have too strong an opinion. But Simpsons for best film, that’s daring! I loved The Simpsons movie though, wish the actual Academy had the guts to give unconventional movies the praise they deserve.


  6. Awesome awards, Khalid… per usual, some bold choices. Simpsons?! I haven’t seen it, but that is surprising. Love your Sunshine cinematography nom, Judd for Bug, Deathproof for music, and Page with the win for Juno. I love the Blazing Reels! You mix the best of all movies, animated comedies vs Oscar heavy hitters. And you always highlight some hidden gems too.


  7. Great feature!

    There Will Be Blood was my fave of the year. Good to see Best Actor/Director going to the film. In fact, it was one of the best films of the 2000s in my opinion.


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