Review: The Visit (2015)

the visit review

By now many of you may or may not have heard that M. Night Shyamalan has finally made his big comeback after more than a decade of appalling us with one idiotic twist ending after another. But I’m sure there are many of you who have also heard that Shyamalan’s latest, The Visit is total garbage.

I happen to be among the group of people who believe the latter statement.

The Visit, written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, follows the story of these two siblings, Becca and Tyler, who for some reason are really eager to visit their grandparents whom they never had a chance to meet. Their mother who has had a strained relationship with her parents over the years reluctantly agrees. No wait…she’s not all that reluctant, she wants to spend a week on a cruise ship with her boyfriend.

So anyways, the kids take a train-ride to a really remote area in the middle of nowhere, where the grandparents happen to live and very soon after meeting them, the kids begin to sense there’s something really fucked up about these two.

the visit review

If making a slightly better movie than a really terrible one counts as a comeback then sure, Shyamalan has made a comeback, but in my book, Shyamalan has gone even lower down the barrel to a point where I don’t see him making even a passable and mediocre film again. There is an awful lot wrong with The Visit, first and foremost being that it’s a fucking found-footage film! which means there’s more and more of that annoying shaky-cam bullshit I absolutely despise. And the reason I say that I don’t see Shyamalan coming back from this is because the guy seems to have lost all his creativity. Granted, he was making bad films before too, but at least he was experimenting with some interesting ideas.

With this film though he’s gone to the most uninspiring, cash-grabbing movie sub-genre out there, the found-footage sub-genre which would at least guarantee him that his movie doesn’t bombs.

The Visit is all over the place with its tone, awkwardly trying to balance both comedy and horror but failing to succeed at either. The film’s cringe-worthy comedy comes mostly from Ed Oxbould who plays the younger sibling, Tyler and happens to be an aspiring rapper. So every fifteen minutes you have him dropping these random rhymes that left just left me with WTF face. The movie does have one or two genuinely unnerving moments but largely the horror in the film also feels contrived and the suspense, exaggerated.


And I can’t say the acting is particularly great either. The grandparents do a decent job of being creepy fucking grandparents but their performances didn’t really strike me as anything special and after sometime they lost their creepy novelty for me. As for the kids, Olivia DeJonge is alright as the older sister, Becca but Ed Oxbould is insufferable as her younger wannabe rapper brother.

I will say that the twist is effective. I did not see it coming and it is one of the few times, I think Shyamalan has got a twist right, but ultimately it just isn’t enough to save this pile of garbage.




32 responses to “Review: The Visit (2015)

  1. I actually really loved this movie. I found the found-footage aspect annoying at first but as the movie went on I found it added quite a bit to the story. I also found the characters charming and funny. The movie starts out as a family comedy drama then becomes a full on thriller. I loved the time it took setting up the characters and reserving the thrills for the very end.

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    • I can understand that. I know a lot of people who loved this movie, the general opinion on it has been pretty divisive but personally I just couldn’t stand most of it.


  2. I’m with you, K. Garbage all the way. You wrote pretty entertainingly about it though – more entertaining than probably the last half dozen of Night’s movies put together.

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    • That movie lost me with it’s unnecessarily long title, and yes, it is unbearable but unfortunately M. Night will live to fight another day since a lot of people actually liked it.


  3. Yeah The grandparent’s were Ok but they were only creepy in a pg-13 kind of way. I would have liked this more if it didn’t do the whole found footage route


      • I liked how Signs was shot, but was a bit slow for me. I know quite a few people liked it. Can you think of another filmmaker whose career has nosedived so dramatically?


      • I liked the build-up. I thought it developed into exactly what I was wishing it would develop into. Granted the water twist was stupid but all in all, I really liked it.
        I don’t think so. Shyamalan is an anomaly

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  4. Hahaha you had some funny jokes in there. Great review, Khalid. I really look forward to your analysis on new movies. I’m guessing I’ll feel the same way here. I was hesitant about the hype already. Thanks for the warning. I heard the next Shyamalan could star Joaquin Phoenix. That’d be cool at least.


  5. I enjoyed it and gave it high marks. Fun and funny with some good moments. I get your points though about the found footage, but I think he was trying to poke some holes in the trope. Good review, as always!


    • Thank you, David. I can understand that. The opinion on this one has been pretty divisive, but personally I found it very hard to get trough this one.
      And I even left my personal malice against Shyamalan at the door.


  6. Nice one man, I’m so glad I’ve decided to sidestep around this one. Waited for the initial wave of reviews to come out and if they were universally positive, I would’ve been in a theater no problem. But as you say, the response to it just continues to get more divisive so at best this will be a rental at home for me. M. Night, what happened to you?


    • Yup, the opinion is pretty divisive on this one.
      As for Shyamalan, his career ended in 2002, it’s utterly baffling how he’s still going. And with this movie doing so well at the box-office he’s going to be back very soon.

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      • *Sigh* yes, unfortunately that’s true. It’s really baffling indeed thinking of how he went from being a relatively original director to a totally uninspired machine.

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