The 2011 Blazing Reel Film Awards


I absolutely love this year. 2011 was a truly amazing year in my opinion and I guess it’s evident by the fact that I had a lot of difficulty picking my top fives in almost every category. A number of things stand out for me this year; A highly talented Danish director with an abundance of style finally coming into his own, Terrence Malick putting his dreamy and almost hypnotic style of filmmaking to great use to create an equally beautiful piece of cinema, Woody Allen finally, finally making a really great movie after god knows how many years and two Iranian filmmakers – a seasoned master, and a talented up and comer – creating cinematic art in new and profound ways. I love this year to bits so without further ado, I present The 2011 Blazing Reel Film Awards!

BEST MUSIC 2011.png







BEST ACTOR 2011.png


BEST FILM 2011.png




30 responses to “The 2011 Blazing Reel Film Awards

  1. First, thanks for the shoutout! That was very nice, and I’m glad that my Fistis have inspired you to do this. Personal Awards are so much fun to do, and to read.

    Second, what interesting choices here, especially in the acting categories. Love the diversity. Some choices here I haven’t seen anywhere else, and I love that. The Chloe nom for Hugo is nice. I love her more and more every time I watch the film.

    I can’t wait to see more of these!!!


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  3. Drive was a great film for sure. It’s too bad Refn had to follow that up with Only God Forgives, that movie was a major clunker.

    Also, I love your wordpress icon. I’m a huge Simpsons and Twin Peaks fan.

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    • Couldn’t agree more,The only redeeming quality about Only God Forgives was the gorgeous imagery otherwise it would have been a total bust.
      Thanks, I am too. Many people don’t notice the Twin Peaks reference in the picture


  4. I love the concept for this post. I really liked reading through this. I’d even like a little blurb about your winners. Like, I haven’t seen Seperation, and would like to know more. Just a thought.

    I’m totally with you on Drive. So amazing. I’d pick Albert Brooks over Cranston. And Mulligan was really impressive in Shame too, maybe better. Bonus points for Source Code. It was a surprise. Really intense and twisty too.

    I can’t wait for your next year in Awards. Nice work, buddy.

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  5. Very fun write-up. “Drive” is such an interesting movie. Not really because of the movie itself but because of the wild array of opinions on it. I tend to be one who found it a bit bland. But lots of people really like it.

    For fun here are my picks out of these nominees:

    Screenplay – Farhadi (A Seperation)
    Supporting Actress – Bejo (The Artist)
    Supporting Actor – Stoll (Midnight in Paris) – I actually loved Brooks in Drive the most.
    Actress – Hatami (A Separation)
    Actor – Shannon (Take Shelter)
    Director – Hazanavicius (The Artist)
    Best Film – Midnight in Paris

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    • Thanks Keith. To each his own I suppose.
      Nice picks as well, Shannon could have won but I think Clooney just barely edged past him. Brooks was very good as well but Cranston and Isaac really stood out for me. I really liked Corey Stoll as Ernest Hemingway too since I’ve always loved his books, I wanted to see how he was going to be portrayed on-screen

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  6. Awesome Khalid, I didn’t know you have a Blazing Reel Awards. Great picks here. I love The Artist, I actually like Bejo as much as Dujardin but of course he’s the one who got more attention. I’m gutted I still haven’t seen A Separation yet, better get to it soon!

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  7. I was so close to putting Jennifer Aniston on my Supporting Actress ballot. Comedy is such a tricky beast but she had perfect timing.

    Also, while I love the Drive love, I think Mulligan winning Actress is interesting because to me, she is more Supporting. Good stuff, though!


    • Thanks! I plan to do alot of these again with better graphics and will probably reorganize a lot of my picks aswell.
      Plan to have Mulligan for Supporting this time and for Shame.


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