Review: Jurassic World (2015)


Twenty-two years ago, Steven Spielberg broke new ground in the Sci-Fi genre with the release of Jurassic Park. Not only was the film a visual-effects game-changer but it’s likable characters, thrilling and suspenseful action sequences and that Spielbergian sense of adventure made it a time-less classic. Twenty-two years later, rookie director Colin Trevorrow has been entrusted with the immensely difficult job of breathing new life into the hit franchise. As someone who pretty much grew up on Jurassic Park, I have been, like many others waiting for this sequel for ages. Needless to say that the mediocre Lost World and dreadful Jurassic Park III were not adequate. So after much anticipation, Jurassic World is finally here, does it live up to it’s overblown hype? It most definitely does.

Jurassic World - The Blazing Reel-

Jurassic World ignores the two sequels that came after Jurassic Park and picks up twenty-two years after the events of the first film. John Hammond’s (Richard Attenborough) vision of a fully functioning dino theme park has finally come into fruition. But when visitor rates start declining park administration decides to add a new attraction, the Indominus Rex, a vicious and highly intelligent dinosaur made possible through years of genetic engineering. However, all hell breaks loose with the dinosaur breaks out of captivity to wreak havoc on the fully populated park. Jurassic World is a worthy sequel to its iconic predecessor, one that manages to stay reminiscent to the first one while standing on its own. The premise is undoubtedly intriguing and director Colin Trevorrow – who only has only the small-budgeted indie hit, Safety Not Guaranteed to his name before this film – does an impressive job of delivering some of the film’s most exciting set-pieces, some of which left me at the edge of my seat. The script is kind of hit and miss really, while I think it does a good job of creating strong, interesting characters and finding that perfect combination of comedy and terror, it feels quite heavy-handed at many times and somewhat loses that keen sense of adventure we came to love in the original through it’s various sub-plots.

jurassic-world-indominous rex attacks

Since the success of Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt has become one of the hottest stars in Hollywood and here he is great as dino expert and military man, Owen Grady. Pratt has both the charismatic charm and the on-screen physicality to make for a worthy protagonist, his character seems to have elements from all three of the first films leads; which includes the wit of Sam Neill, the charisma of Jeff Goldblum and humbleness of Laura Dern. Bryce Dallas Howard’s Beth starts off as a typical corporate executive concerned only with profits, but gradually through the course of the movie molds herself into the mantel of a badass heroine, she is also very good. Vincent D’Onofrio, Jake Johnson Irrfan Khan, Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson round-up the supporting cast. D’Onofrio puts up a good performance but his motivations as the antagonist were not completely clear to me, the rest of the cast are not too bad either.

Jurassic_World_Gyrosphere the blazing reel Jurassic World also does a splendid job of staying reminiscent to the original, as I mentioned before. The throwbacks are cute and never overstay their welcome. As soon as the iconic John Williams theme played I felt a wave of nostalgia wash over me and Jurassic Park for the most part is an exciting, entertaining and immensely thrilling ride that’s both good popcorn entertainment and a great way to retreat from the hot summer sun. I know it’s impossible to fulfill everyone’s expectations but if Jurassic World doesn’t fulfill yours, you’re expecting too much.



26 responses to “Review: Jurassic World (2015)

  1. It was definitely an enjoyable film and I thought that the cast was actually stronger than that of the first three films. There was a lot of dino violence which crippled the score on my end, but I did enjoy watching it. The big three way fight at the end was awesome and the Raptors are still my favorite characters in the whole franchise. As long as they continue to look good, the franchise is definitely in good hands.

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  2. I know it’s silly to give a dinosaur personality but Indominous Rex is such a douche and made for the perfect dino villain. I marked out so much seeing it not just kill a dinosaur but break it’s neck. In my head I totally saw it do the “Shhh shhh shhhh” cliche.

    That’s the sign of a great villain no matte what species.

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  3. Good review!

    I have to admit however that I’m not rushing to see this film as I wasn’t a huge fan of the original. I admired the huge development of the effects and thought it had some great moments but I recall feeling underwhelmed when it ended. I never bothered with the sequels either.

    Then again me and modern Hollywood don’t really get along too well these days so… 😉 😛

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  4. Hmmm…. the trailer threw me off a bit, but your review has me intrigued I must say. I think I’ll catch this on cheap tix day, see how I like it. Like yourself I grew up LOVING the original, I don’t think I ever saw the sequels though.

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  5. I’m one of those people who didn’t like this movie. It was entertaining at times but I left the theater disappointed. I didn’t expect or want this movie to be grander or more of a spectacle than Jurassic Park, I was just looking for a different story. I wanted Jurassic World to take the franchise in a new direction but it just recycled plot elements from the original and stole entire sections from How To Train Your Dragon 2. The movie has some great moments – it hits your nostalgia, the Dino fight scenes are awesome but I left a little disappointed.

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    • You make a valid point, but I, myself was not too bothered with the plot. While they definitely recycled some elements, they added a fair bit of new stuff as well. I enjoyed it quite a bit and while I dont consider it to be as good as the first one, I still think its pretty good.


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  7. Nice review, I’m glad you liked this one. I liked the grand scale of Jurassic World – the actual park – and the creatures within it. I love Chris Pratt. But I’m afraid I wasn’t mad keen on the film overall and left the cinema feeling somewhat disappointed. I’d have liked some original story elements, and I wanted BDH’s character to be more competent – she’s the boss of the whole damn place, after all! Oh well, we’ll always have Jurassic Park.

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    • Thanks. I’m starting to think I’m the only one who really loves this movie. I do agree the film is flawed, the supporting characters are not that great and this one is no where near Jurassic Park but I found it immensely entertaining which made me forgive some of the film’s flaws.

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